#545 Duncan Arcade Murals

Duncan Arcade is a pedestrian breezeway located in Walnut Creek’s downtown core at 1341 North Main Street. This outdoor mural gallery features dynamic and colorful murals by renowned Bay Area artists Velia De Iuliis, Cannon Dill, Casey Gray, Sirron Norris and Ricky Watts. Each artist brings their unique style, ranging from vibrant still life compositions and abstract works to intuitive, painterly designs. 

The owners of Duncan Arcade and the adjacent commercial properties at 1341 N. Main have graciously partnered with the City of Walnut Creek to host this outdoor mural gallery. Murals will rotate periodically, approximately every two years, to give new artists an opportunity to display their work and talents.

Duncan Arcade is curated by Bedford Gallery and the Public Art Program. Artists are chosen through an invitational process and reviewed by a selection panel before they are approved by the Walnut Creek Arts Commission.