#546 About the Murals

Ricky Watts, Walnut Creek Rollercoaster, 2020.

Ricky Watts is a Sebastopol-based painter best known for his abstract works of organic shapes and gradient color palettes. Watts honed his craft as a young artist through immersion in the street art culture of Northern California.

He was born 1980 in San Francisco, CA. His work can be found on public walls and galleries throughout the United States.

Casey Gray, Hands Free, 2020

Casey Gray is a painter, sculptor, and muralist based in San Francisco. His work is characterized by his exclusive use of aerosol paints and laborious hand-cut masking techniques, resulting in paintings so crisp they appear to be digitally made.

He received his MFA in painting from the San Francisco Art Institute in 2010 and his BA in painting and printmaking from San Diego State University in 2006. He has exhibited extensively across the United States and abroad, and has been published widely both in print and online media.

Sirron Norris, Cartoon Creek, 2020,

Sirron Norris is an acclaimed illustrator, muralist, and arts educator based in San Francisco’s Mission District. He is best known for painting loveable cartoons. His signature character is a friendly blue bear, who proudly stands for a variety of social justice issues. In his Duncan Arcade mural, Norris showcases a Walnut Creek landscape bursting with action and references the city’s beloved public art installations Bullman with Bulldog and Fountain Head.

Sirron Norris graduated from the Art Institute of Pittsburgh, and began his art career in San Francisco in 1997.

Cannon Dill, Wolf, 2020.

Cannon Dill is a Bay Area artist whose illustrative work features bold symbols and creatures with a rough-around-the-edges, painterly style. Dill’s work often features animals accompanied by folkloric shapes and themes that showcase their power.

Cannon Dill, born 1991, is a painter living and working in Oakland, CA. Dill’s work can be found all throughout the States – Oakland, San Francisco, Chicago, Albuquerque, Denver, Minneapolis, Chicago, New York City, Orlando, Atlanta, and Little Rock.

 Velia De Iuliis, Floral Bounty, 2020,

Velia De Iuliis is an LA and Bay Area painter whose rich gouache and oil paintings depict flora and fauna on the brink of extinction. Her lush still-lifes, painted with exquisite detail and vivid color that pop against sharp backgrounds, are a beauty to behold.

Born in 1990 in San Francisco, she splits her time between the Bay Area and Los Angeles, CA.